Fertility Matters Podcast & Videocast 

Fertility Matters is Ireland’s newest Fertility Podcast, brought to you by ReproMed Ireland and presented by Susan Keogh.

At ReproMed we understand that sometimes the path to parenthood is less than straight forward, our new show aims to open the conversation on an emotional, all consuming and often confusing journey. Over the coming episodes we speak to a range fertility experts to discuss treatment types, dispel the myths and clarify the facts. We’ll also listen to our patients stories as they talk openly about their individual journeys. 

Episode Four - "Fertility 101" with Hans Arce and Claire Moran  

In Episode Four Hans Arce and Claire Moran, ReproMed's Medical and Laboratory Directors, discuss all things you need to know about fertility, to help you understand factors affecting your fertility and the treatment options available. Together with Susan Keogh, Claire and Hans discuss everything from where and how to start, lifestyle and fertility, same-sex couples, treatment options and much more. 

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Previous episodes: 


Episode Three - "Fertility Myth Busting" with Hans Arce and Aoife Corley  

In Episode Three Hans Arce, ReproMed’s Medical Director and Aoife Corley, ReproMed’s Clinical Midwife Manager, discuss & dispel numerous myths that surround the fertility process. Together with Susan Keogh, Aoife and Hans discuss everything from Contraception, Stress, Alcohol, Online Boards, Medical Insurance, Same-Sex couples and their links to fertility as well as much more.



Episode Two - "Egg Freezing & Fertility Preservation" with Aoife Corley and Claire Moran

In Episode Two Aoife Corley, ReproMed’s Clinical Midwife Manager and Claire Moran, ReproMed’s Laboratory Director, chat about egg freezing & fertility preservation and explain all you need to know about what’s involved. Together with Susan Keogh, Aoife and Claire talk through female and male factor infertility, egg freezing, egg donation processes, fertility testing and much more.



Episode One - "Our fertility journey" by Eve & Eoin Lorigan

In Episode One Eve & Eoin Lorigan take us through an honest and heartfelt account of their fertility journey. They talk openly about their initial diagnosis, subsequent treatments and the emotional strain of engaging in the treatment that ultimately resulted in the recent birth of their first child.   





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