Fertility Consultations 

With Clinics in Cork, Galway, Dublin, Kilkenny & Drogheda. 

Taking the first step to make an appointment can be challenging, which is why we try to make it as simple and stress-free for you as we possibly can. A member of our team will be on-hand to guide you throughout all of the steps below. Due to the present circumstances most first consultations will take place online. Onsite consultations have now returned in Cork. You can discuss this option with a member of our team.


How does it work?

  • Simply fill out the relevant form by selecting an option below. 

  • Once submitted our team will call you to book your online consultation and guide you through the next steps. In most cases you will also require a visit with our nursing team to have some initial in-clinic fertility tests done. Tests can take place in Cork, Galway, Dublin, Kilkenny or Drogheda.

  • The cost of a consultation is €150  (with the correct Vhi benefits package the cost can be €50 or no charge). The cost of fertility tests (if required) vary on circumstance and will be outlined when our team get in touch. Payment is made online and in advance of appointments. 

  • During your online consultation, you’ll meet with one of our specialist fertility doctors who will review your test results and medical history, discuss treatment options and answer any questions you may have.


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