What are the options for a single Woman wishing to conceive?



At ReproMed, we believe that all women deserve the chance to become Mothers. We felt this way when we first opened the doors to our Clinic 10 years ago, and more than ever today. Below we take a look at some of the options for a single woman from donor sperm to egg freezing.

Treatment options

There are three different treatment options for single women:

  • IUI with donor sperm
  • IVF/ICSI with donor sperm
  • Egg Freezing

Intrauterine insemination (IUI) with donor sperm

IUI with a sperm donor is the introduction of sperm, coming from a donor, into the uterus. It is usually the first line of treatment offered to a single woman.

During an IUI treatment we prescribe medications to promote the development of follicles on the ovaries, and we monitor their development with trans-vaginal ultrasounds from approximately Day 8 of the cycle at specific intervals.

When we see that there are one or two follicles at the optimum stage of development we administer an injection to trigger ovulation. We can then schedule the IUI procedure to occur approximately 36 hours afterwards.

On the day of the IUI procedure we will prepare a sample of the donor sperm in our laboratory.

The sample is then placed by one of our medical staff directly into the uterus by way of a narrow catheter passed into the vagina and beyond the cervix. The procedure is extremely quick and most patients tolerate it extremely well, reporting very little discomfort.

IVF/ICSI with donor sperm

If you are not a suitable candidate for IUI with donor sperm (blocked tubes) or you were not successful with donor IUI treatment then IVF/ICSI with donor sperm is the treatment of choice for you. Learn more about IVF here.

Donor Sperm

We have extensive experience helping single women chose the correct donor from our nominated donor banks.

After your consultation, we will put you in touch with one of our laboratory team who will answer any questions you may have in relation to selecting a donor and will place the order for you, ensuring that the sperm has arrived to the clinic in time for your treatment.

Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing is the process by which we cryopreserve a woman’s eggs and store them until such a time that she is ready to have a family. This is known as elective or social egg freezing.

Ideally women would consider freezing their eggs at as young an age as possible, preferably in their twenties, but we know that the majority of women will not really give this thought until they are perhaps in their thirties. It is still an option even if you are not in your twenties or early thirties, and during your consultation our medical team will be realistic and give you an honest opinion on whether this is a viable route for you

Fertility Issues 

It’s important to remember that single women may encounter some of the same infertility issues as heterosexual couples, but our fertility specialists can help. There are treatments available for many infertility problems, so the sooner you seek treatment for infertility, the greater the chances for
successful conception.

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