Egg Freezing for €3,000 €2,200 until 30th April 2023

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Egg freezing from *€69 p/m

*One cycle of Egg Freezing €2,200 | *Duo-stim cycle €4,000 

*Includes consultation with a doctor and AMH test. Check our full pricelist here

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Egg freezing is a safe and effective way to preserve your fertility.

By freezing your eggs, you are giving yourself the opportunity to delay starting a family until you feel it's the right time for you.

Whether you're focused on your career, waiting for the right partner, or simply want to take control of your reproductive future, egg freezing can provide peace of mind.

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Insurance Cover Benefits



If you are covered by VHI you may be eligible for a €1,000 contribution towards one cycle of egg freezing.

It means you can save up to €1,800 on your treatment until 30th April 2023.


Special offer includes:

FREE initial consultation with a doctor (no commitment) 

Cost saving of up to €1,800 on your first egg freezing cycle

AMH Test ( Egg reserve check) 

*Full Egg Freezing Treatment 

Prescription of treatment cycle medication 

Access to our Patient Portal

Nurse consultation cycle and therapy planning

Sedation for egg collection

*Costs associated with storage of eggs, medication and virals are not included in this offer.

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  • to have more control over your reproductive timeline
  • to improve your chances of biological pregnancy in the future
  • to have minimal disruption to your daily life
  • to have children in the future but now is not the right time

What's the egg freezing process?

At your first appointment you will meet with one of our doctors who will describe in detail the egg freezing procedure; what to expect throughout the process; success rates for your own particular case and the expected outcome.

Ovarian Stimulation

You will likely undergo three to four scans over the course of your treatment prior to the actual egg retrieval procedure. The scan appointments last around 15 minutes and you will be able to go about your day as normal afterwards. You may be asked to increase or decrease your medications and you will be advised of the next steps.

Egg Collection

The egg collection is usually carried out under conscious sedation in our clinic. Most people are ready to leave approximately one hour afterwards and we ask that you make sure someone is available to accompany you. In most cases you will be fit to return to work the following day.

Egg Freezing

You will receive a message from our laboratory confirming the outcome of the procedure and how many eggs that we have in storage for you. Our administration team will also arrange a review consultation with your Doctor to discuss your outcome of your cycle.

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