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Ireland's newest Fertility Podcast, brought to you by ReproMed Ireland.

The Fertility Matters Podcast

With one in six Irish couples facing fertility issues when trying to conceive, the path to parenthood is anything but straightforward. Fertility Matters, Ireland’s newest Fertility Podcast brought to you by ReproMed Ireland, aims to open conversations that can shed light on this often confusing journey.

We speak with women and men who have faced problems when trying to start or grow their own family as they give an account of everything from initial diagnosis to the struggles and breakthroughs experienced along the way.

We also speak with fertility experts and medical specialists to dispel myths, discuss treatment options and explore the overall topic of fertility with informed perspectives that can hopefully equip you with the information you need to seek support and start your own conversation.

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Season 2


S2: Episode 1

ReproMed's Consultant Fertility Specialist and Director of Nursing give an introductory talk on all things fertility. 

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S2: Episode 2

ReproMed’s Senior Fertility Midwife and Onboarding Executive bring us through IVF treatment from initial contact to personalised...

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S2: Episode 3

Adriana Grant shares her journey to parenthood in which she overcame failed attempts and countless obstacles before recently...

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S2: Episode 4

Hilary Murphy talks about her experience with infertility, treatments with ReproMed and eventual pregnancy with IVF.

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Check Out Season 1

Season 1

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S1: Episode 4

ReproMed's Medical and Laboratory Director give an overview on all things you need to know about fertility.

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S1: Episode 3

ReproMed’s Medical Director and Clinical Midwife Manager discuss myths that surround the fertility process.

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S1: Episode 2

ReproMed’s Clinical Midwife Manager and ReproMed’s Laboratory Director chat about egg freezing & fertility preservation.

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S1: Episode 1

Eve & Eoin Lorigan take us through an honest and heartfelt account of their fertility journey from beginning to end.

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