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S2: Episode 2: The IVF Process

With Karen McNabola and Marta Boraganli

Season 2: Episode 2

About this Episode

In Season Two, Episode Two Senior Fertility Midwife, Karen McNabola and Onboarding Executive, Marta Boraganli, bring us through the entire IVF process from the initial contact with ReproMed to personalised treatment in the clinic. Together with Rebecca Horan, Karen and Marta give a complete explanation and overview of IVF, which remains at the heart of successfully treating subfertility.

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The Fertility Matters Podcast

With one in six Irish couples facing fertility issues when trying to conceive, the path to parenthood is anything but straightforward. Fertility Matters, Ireland’s newest Fertility Podcast brought to you by ReproMed Ireland, aims to open conversations that can shed light on this often confusing journey.

We speak with women and men who have faced problems when trying to start or grow their own family as they give an account of everything from initial diagnosis to the struggles and breakthroughs experienced along the way.

We also speak with fertility experts and medical specialists to dispel myths, discuss treatment options and explore the overall topic of fertility with informed perspectives that can hopefully equip you with the information you need to seek support and start your own conversation.

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